NABARD Dairy Farming Scheme 2023, loan to open milk dairy

As you know today dairy farming has become a good business option. You can make a good source of income by starting this business even with low investment. At present, lakhs of people in different parts of the country are earning lakhs from dairy farming business by taking milk dairy loan. But definitely this becomes possible only after hard work and understanding of business. With the help of NABARD Dairy Farming Scheme, if you also want to open milk dairy in your village or town and need some loan. So the information mentioned here can be very useful for you –

NABARD Dairy Farming Scheme 2023 –

Milk Dairy Loan is given by the Government of India to earn profits by producing milk through animal husbandry. The government has run many schemes for the farmer brothers to buy new animals or make arrangements for dairy fodder etc. The name of the scheme we are going to tell in detail today is Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme.

Under this scheme of the central government The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development i.e. NABARD provides the facility of getting loan from the bank to the people who are going to start dairy industry and also gives subsidy help in repaying the loan.

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Loan and subsidy available under NABARD Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme –

loan type Maximum Loan Amount subsidy received
Loan for development of small dairy (minimum 2 and maximum 10 animals) up to 5 lakh General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
To buy small livestock (minimum 5 and maximum 20 children) 4 lakh 80 thousand General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
Loan for purchase of milking machine up to 18 lakhs General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
For Dairy Processing Unit 1.2 million General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
for transportation 24 lakhs General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
for cold storage facility up to 25 lakhs General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
For Private Veterinary Clicking On mobile unit – 2 lakh 40 thousand

On stationery unit – 1 lakh 80 thousand

General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
For Dairy Marketing Outlet up to 56 thousand rupees General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%
for vermicompost Loan up to 20 thousand General – 25%, SC/ST – 33%

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NABARD Dairy Loan Application Form 2022 –

Let us tell you that loan can be taken by NABARD for business related to dairy entrepreneurship. For this you can contact any bank near you. The bank will provide you the NABARD Dairy Loan Application Form as per the requirement. Which you will fill and deposit in the bank along with the necessary documents.

After checking the type and eligibility of your business, the bank will give you the loan amount. The bank will inform about this loan to NABARD, after which the beneficiary will get the subsidy amount.

How to get subsidy on dairy loan –

You need to know that the bank will not give you subsidy on dairy loan immediately, rather your subsidy will be reserved in a separate account. When you keep depositing the EMI of the loan taken at the right time, then after some time the subsidy amount will be reduced from the loan taken by you.

What are the main features of the plan –

  • A loan of up to 7 lakhs for dairy farming can be availed under this scheme by cooperative, regional, commercial, rural or NABARD banks.
  • Up to 33.33% grant i.e. subsidy by the government on the loan taken by the entrepreneur.
  • The minimum number of milch animals to be taken for milk dairy loan is 2 and maximum 10 animals.
  • The scheme is funded by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying.
  • The applicant has to keep high milk yielding variety like Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Gir, Rathi or Buffalo breed in his dairy.
  • The applicant should have sufficient land for the provision of cattle feed.
  • Eligible people in the age group of 18 to 65 years can avail the benefits of Dairy Entrepreneurship Scheme.

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What is the procedure to take milk dairy loan –

For dairy scheme loan application, first of all the applicant has to go to his nearest cooperative, regional, commercial, rural or NABARD bank. Bank has to negotiate for taking loan under Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme. After this, along with the application form given for dairy, other necessary documents have to be submitted to the bank manager.

After all the details mentioned in the application are verified, the requested amount is given in the bank account of the applicant entrepreneur. After this, only the EMI of the loan remains to be paid. The benefit of subsidy given by the government is also given during the repayment of the loan.

filling nabard dairy loan application form Documents required for –

  • ground paper for animal feed
  • Aadhaar Card or other photo identity proof
  • Address proof
  • income certificate
  • income tax return
  • caste certificate
  • Project Report (Action Plan)
  • promissory note
  • Mobile, Email etc.

Who can take loan –

  • common farmer
  • unorganized and organized sector groups
  • by self help group
  • dairy cooperatives
  • milk producers association
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions

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